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"Lulu Yee’s studio at 1717 Troutman, its walls painted bold colors and every available surface inhabited by her sweet, strange, and ornate ceramic sculptures of crowns and humanoid figures, felt like an enticing test run for a much more ambitious and elaborate installation." —Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic


At Bushwick Open Studios, Sculptors Make a Stand


"Possibly my favorite discovery of the day, also in studio 327, was Lulu Yee, whose painted ceramic figures and crowns are colorful, quirky, and completely captivating. The special display space she created for one of her Yellow Submarine-ish characters, complete with a spinning pedestal, was the most elaborate studio installation I saw all day." —Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic




"The remote, inhospitable purity of Iceland has captured the imagination of Europeans for centuries. That gem-like island embodies the cold and crystalline, the volatile and volcanic, and the lush and earthy, deep in the northern sea. Within this show, curator Lulu Yee’s playful but complicated sculptures are perhaps the finest example of these contradictions. Her gods and goddesses are deformed children, swarming with animals and symbols, motley and pathetic.


The beauteous goddess Freya had associations with love and fertility, beauty and gold, war and death, and also the shamanism that faded from practice as Scandinavia was Christianized. Lulu’s “Freya” is a garish gnome, a composite of her associations that makes them more immediately understood than a more classically beautiful, straightforward sculpture would." —T.s. Flock, Vanguard Seattle


Come Explore Bushwick Open Studios 2015


"This room by Lulu Yee was childlike and masterful, decorated with playful creature sculptures and narrative pint sized crowns. When I looked over the photos today, I really appreciated how consistent she was with her youthful theme ..."

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